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I have created a FREE report entitled "North vs South that will show you real comparisons between farming in Southern Alberta to the Peace Region.

In this report you wil find answers to commonly asked questions like:

  • Why buying more land where you live may not be the answer.
  • Can lower land prices help?
  • Are Yields in the Peace Region as good as the South?
  • Isn't the growing season really short in the "The Peace"?
  • Input costs in the Peace Region.
  • What does all this actually mean to you in dollars and cents?
  • My children love the schools they are in, what kind of schools are there?
  • What about living way up in the 'The Wilderness' How will we survive?
  • Are we going to be the only ones there?
  • Has Modernization reached the region?
  • What about hospitals and medical attention?
  • What am I going to do during the cold winter...Holiday in Hawaii?
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